How to organise a staff survey

A good staff survey needs careful planning. Start by asking yourself, “Why are we doing the survey?” Do we want to find out what people think? Do we want to see how engaged staff are? Do we intend to act on the results?

We are very experienced at running staff surveys and use the latest approaches from the published research in staff surveys and employee engagement to identify the right areas and right questions to find out what you want to know. Here is our guide to best practice.

  • Draw up a suitable list of question areas.
  • Tell your staff that you are undertaking a survey and why.
  • Make sure they know the survey is confidential, that way you get the most honest results.
  • Use a professional partner such as Datasmith Research so that employees know the survey is being treated professionally and seriously.
  • Deploy the survey via email with a deadline date for completion.
  • Follow up with people who have failed to complete
  • Don’t make a high completion rate the objective or a departmental target – quality above quantity
  • Most important – feedback to the staff, what are you going to do differently as a result of the survey?

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