Customer Research

Having run a lot of customer research projects we believe it is the main piece of research that every company and organisation should undertake regularly. We find that the most common benefits are:

  • identifying company strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve
  • understanding market position versus competitors
  • improving service to customers
  • identifying market segments to target

We recommend you survey your prospect file as well as your customers to understand their buying criteria and your competitive position. Understanding the overall opportunity can help you increase your sales, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Working with Datasmith helps deliver your success because:

  • We have extensive experience of constructing questionnaires to ensure you get the crucial answers first time. You don’t want to be left wishing you had asked certain questions after the survey has been deployed.
  • Our ability to analyse and interpret the results helps you to define the important actions arising from the research.
  • We can help source data lists that will enable you to survey a broader market opportunity.

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