Who needs market research?

Market research offers companies a powerful tool to engage with customers, and  discover their wants and needs. With the advent of the internet and social media, it is easier and faster to conduct market research today than  it has ever been. Regardless of what growth stage your company is in or what  types of questions you have, market research is a great tool to gather the  information that can secure your success.

We Make Your Research Easy

Do you have email addresses of customers and staff? Then we can run professional customer and staff surveys for you.

With over 20 years experience and a major investment in market leading technology we take research techniques, previously only available to large firms, and deliver them for small and medium sized enterprises at great value for money.

We construct the survey, analyse the results and produce a detailed report – it’s even easier than doing it yourself.

Morale low at BBC Scotland as internal staff survey reveals just over a quarter of staff recommend working there

Just over a quarter of BBC Scotland news and current affairs staff would recommend the broadcaster as a great place to work, according to an internal report.

The staff survey found that only 28 per cent of workers would recommend working there, although 74 per cent said they were proud to work at the BBC.

Strikes and industrial actions have become more frequent at the BBC as the corporation moves forward with redundancies and cuts as part of its Delivering Quality First programme.